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Kingfisher Supply Co makes handmade products from high quality wood. The idea was born in a garage with a few tools and determination. From hobby to side-hustle Kingfisher has always been about quality and needed an appropriate brand identity system. It needed to be simple enough to be burnt into the side of a wooden box, yet professional enough to convey the level of craftsmanship that Kingfisher represents.

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Logo Design

Custom Typography

The fact that the logo had to be able to be burned or etched into the wood was a major driver in our design decision making. In the discovery phase we were drawn to the wood-burned whiskey barrel label aesthetic. The primary logo hearkens to a time when wood products were crafted, not produced. Yet at the same time it is modern enough to hold it’s ground in the digital age.

The whole identity system is centered around the kingfisher bird icon. With a few simple curves and lines, the bird came to life and directed the style throughout the rest of the project. As a logo family, the identity shows the personality that the small Kingfisher team works to hard to maintain.


As a team that doesn't consider themselves very creative, they chose to give us a ton of creative control over the project after their initial vision and goals were established. That allowed us to push the limits beyond what they imagined they wanted, but ended up being exactly what they needed to get their business moving!


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