Brand Identity Design

Can Include // Logo Systems, Brand Messaging, Color Palette, Brand Imagery, Photography Style, Etc.

We all think about identity. It’s who we are. Some of the things that give us identity are things we can control, but there are many things we cannot control. Such as where you are from or the language you are first taught.


The great thing about brands is that you can control almost every part of your brand’s identity. It is the face of your business that the outside world sees. You can control what is shown and what isn’t. This is the only chance you get to make an impression with those who are not yet your customer. Those few seconds could be the only moments you ever get to interact with that person. If that makes or breaks your chance of landing a customer, then brand identity is crucially important. It is worth time and effort to make sure you are maximizing the chances of connecting you with your target audience.


We are that connection. With experience in brand identity design, we aren’t just giving your brand a pretty face, we are connecting you with your not-yet-customers. How are you visually and verbally presenting your brand to the world? If it could be better, we can help. If you would like to read more about what brand identity design means, we have written an entire post about it here.

Logo Design

Can Include // Logo Families, Custom Typography, Custom Vector Logo Marks, Etc.

Here it is, our favorite part. The meat and potatoes of your brand identity project. Logo design. For many of our customers, this is why they came to us in the first place. They know having a good logo is important. And that’s a great first start.


Logo design is just one piece of the puzzle, yet it is a highly important piece. It’s that corner piece that you try to find first when you’re putting that 5,000 piece puzzle together at your grandma’s house over the holidays. You can’t move forward without it. Your logo drives the style of everything else about your brand. A great logo is the foundation of a successful brand.


People associate the quality of a logo with the quality of a product. If your logo doesn’t attract your target audience, then they will never get to experience how great your product is. They’ll never know what they are missing.


We love logo building. It is one of our favorite parts in designing brand identity. We can help you properly introduce yourself to your clients. Good logos drive business results, and that is what we specialize in.

Brand Strategy

Can Include // Discovery Process, Market Research, Naming, Content Creation & Development, Etc.

Our discovery process is the secret sauce behind every project we do. Visual branding is not just something artsy people do, it’s strategic. It is a way for you to connect with a specific audience. Every successful brand has a target audience. If you try to reach everyone, then you will reach no one. It has to be specific. In our discovery phase we’re finding out exactly how to connect you to the people you’re trying to reach.


Before the pen ever touches paper we’re researching. What do your competitors do? How are they reaching their audience? How can we improve on what they’re doing? Is there anything outside your industry that could apply? This is the leg work that leads to brand success.


Every brand needs strategic planning. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a long time it’s never too late to audit your brand. Maybe you need help with everything from the ground up like naming and content creation, or maybe you already have those things and need help positioning your brand better.  It all goes toward attracting more customers.


Time and time again this part of our process has proved to be the most valuable in defining the style choices for your brand. We’ll help you determine a direction for your brand and clarity of vision for your team.

Brand Experience

Can Include // Web Design, Social Media Assets, Signage, Packaging, Print Collateral, Etc.

Brand experience is exactly what it sounds like. It is the way your customers experience your brand.


Say your brand already has an identity. Let’s talk about application, how will people interact with your brand? Maybe it is a website, a menu, product packaging, etc. Each of these encounters are called touchpoints. A touchpoint is each time a person interacts with your brand in some way.


Brand experience is all about consistency. This takes a comprehensive knowledge of how your business operates. In order to make every touchpoint consistent across all platforms, you have to know exactly what those platforms are. If your brand feels different online than it does in person, you have a brand consistency problem. This causes distrust among your customers. Greater consistency leads to greater customer loyalty.


We’ll help you analyze your client interaction to make their experience with you as consistent as possible. Brand consistency is important for your customers to feel connected to your brand and to your story.

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